Racquet Stringing Service from $19

 ✅ Same Day or Overnight service available.

 ✅ Use top brand Li Ning Strings or your own strings.

 ✅ The best and latest machine used.

 ✅ 7 days a week 365 days service.

 ✅ Drop off and pick up between 8AM – 11 PM

 ✅ 2 weeks repair warranty for mis hits and accidental breakage for no reason.

 ✅ Free grommat replacements.

 ✅ Free expert advice

Latest and modern Li Ning stringing machine is used to do all the stringing for members. The machine has advanced features to provide pre stretching to the strings, compensate for knots and ability to do different tensions for verticals and horizontal.

Stringing costs and details  

Repair (Replacement of broken strings only) $ 10
Restringing with your own string             $ 15
AP-6 Li-Ning string (0.70mm)

 Standard string all round

 Power (7/10), Durability (7/10), and Control (6/10)

$ 19
NS-30 Li-Ning string (0.70mm)

 More durability and power. equivalent to BG 65 Yonex

 Power (7/10), Durability (8/10), and Control (6/10)

$ 25
NS-50 Li-Ning string (0.70mm)

More durability and power.

Power (8/10), Durability (9/10), and Control (6/10)

$ 27
NS-70 Li-Ning string (0.680mm)

Thin String with very good hitting sound but less durability.

 Power (9/10), Durability (7/10), and Control (9/10)

$ 29


Racquets will be repaired by replacing the broken strings with a similar or different colour of strings if the new string breaks within 2 weeks of time. Please read about the Racquet stringing info and policy below or discuss with the Proshop stringing staff as to find the best stringing tension to suit your skill level, Racquet, playing style and cost effectiveness.  

Racquets must be brought to the proshop with the broken strings in the racquet in order to do the repairs.

Repairs are feasible only to tensions below 24Ibs

All about Racquet string tension

General facts

All strings stretch, like elastic, and therefore from the day your racquet is strung, the strings begin to lose tension (known as creepage in the trade).

Every racquet has a “sweet spot” This is an area on the strings which produces the best results from the contact with a shuttle.

The lower the tension, the bigger the sweet spot. Consequently, beginners need to play with lower tensions as they are more likely to mis-hit the shuttle. The bigger “optimum hitting area” is therefore essential in their progress in the sport.

As a player becomes more consistent, they do not require such huge sweet spots. Their needs change and they now require a faster “response” off the strings and more power.

As tensions are increased, the sweet spot reduces. A highly accomplished player, who consistently hits the shuttle well, will generate more power and enjoy the benefits of the shuttle travelling faster off the strings. The tighter strings give them more control.

As you can imagine, exceeding recommended limits is potentially dangerous in two ways. Firstly, the racquet frame may crack or shatter due to the significant pressure on it. Second, when you increase tension, you also increase vibration through the racquet which can cause serious injuries.

Is it true that "the tighter the string, the better" or "the tighter the string, the more power you get."
No, its not true
What tension is right for me and my Racquet?
String tensions are so personal. We all play a different game, some are power players, some are great tacticians, 
some have a very broad range of shots, others have limited shots but have mastered them. Essentially we are all different. 
You need to experiment to find the optimum tension for your style of play.
It's so common for players to boast about playing with super-high tensions and yet their performance will be suffering as a result.

Test to find your optimum tension and string choice. once again, this is personal to you and you alone. What’s right for you may be detrimental to your club colleague or partner.

Please do not be fooled by those boasting of extremely high tensions.

So here’s a guide to racquet tensions.

Beginner :         18lbs-20lbs

Intermediate :   20lbs -22lbs

Advanced :         22lbs-24lbs

High performance/National/international : 24lbs – 27lbs

Is there any danger if we donot have the right string tension?
Yes absolutely
  1. Your racquet may crack or shatter while stringing or playing if you exceed the recommended tension of the manufacturer.
  2. When you increase tension, you also increase vibration through the racquet.

The loss of repulsion characteristics means the player may have to put more into the shot to get the same power. This may result in tennis elbow, shoulder or neck injuri

High Racquet String Tension (24-30 lbs).

You need to have right skills to get benefit from high tension otherwise it can lead to injury, affects your performance and strings break very often.

Lot of strain on the racquet, which can easily break the racquet frame  even with a minor accident/clash.

Strings can break within 2-3 weeks or in few days with a “Mis-hit”.

Suitable only if you are a wrist/impulse player and have the correct skills.

Low or Medium Racquet Tension (20-24 lbs).

String durability will be much higher and lasts longer period.

Very good for social level play.

Racquet  frames  have less chance of breakage.

Less control and power

Restringing Policy  

The condition of your racket will be examined to determine the suitable stringing tension. However hidden damage cannot be identified or correct tension may not be established.  

We do not take any responsibility of

Damage to the racket/string during or after the restringing if your required tension is higher than the manufacturer’s recommended tension, or if the paint chipped racket may contain hidden and internal damage.

String breakage caused by mis-hit  outside the sweet spot.

Unauthentic racket or personal string.

Aluminium or steel racket may warp for tension greater than 18lbs.

Please remove broken string to prevent the frame from warping.

Premature string breakage??

Only leave the broken string and all the grommets on as proof to claim for replacement and provide the details of the incident if you believe the breakage was caused by an improper job done by our stringer or the quality of the string provided by us. Our experienced stringer will determine if a free replacement can be provided.


where the shuttle cocks hits on the top or bottom of the strings   near the frame. It’s the most common way of breaking strings. Pattern of mis-hit: the strands would be similar in length.

Sweet spot